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About us

Field of activities:

fundamental researches are pursued in the following scientific directions: algebra, geometry and theory of numbers, differential equations, optimization methods and systems of control, functional analysis, computational mathematics, discrete models and algorithms, probabilistic and statistic analysis and theory of random processes. Development of mathematical models and methods for solving actual applied problems arising in cryptology, physics, mechanics, microelectronics, engineering, economics, ecology, medicine, oil-refining industry, metallurgy, building, force majeur safety, logistics and theory of transport network and others.


departments of mathematical theory of systems, differential equations, nonlinear and stochastic analysis, control process theory, mathematical physics, algebra, computational mathematics and mathematical modelling, combinatoric models and algorithms, parallel computational processes, laboratory of finite group theory and applications, production-and-technical department.

Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Studies:

differential equations; mathematical logic, algebra and theory of numbers; computational mathematics; discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

Productions and Services:

mathematical modelling and development of application software; publishing and polygraphic services